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Published: July 17, 2018


Dimas Abyan Tamir, a teenager, Mentari high school student from Jakarta - Indonesia who just turned to 17 years old, got the best birthday gift ever in his life, a FAA Private Pilot license on June 17, 2017. His parent was signed him up to the 14 DAY PRIVATE PILOT Program in 14DAYPILOT Flight Academy (USA) during school holiday. Not only become a pilot but he is the youngest Indonesian Pilot who accomplished FAA Private Pilot Training in 14 Days.

The flight training was started on June the 3rd 2017 in Van Nuys, California – USA. His flight instructor Capt. Gilbert Rousseau, MEII, CFII-R, who has more than 8,000 hours flying experience setup a special training syllabus for Dimas who only has 2 weeks to complete the training. Previously, he has been intensively prepared by Capt. Gema Goeyardi, the chief pilot, to meet the FAA pilot knowledge and practice the basic maneuver in the simulator.


The training was held intensively and Dimas was guided by 2 professional pilots which focus to accelerate his knowledge progress. It was 6-8 hours total flight and ground training a day. On the first week, Dimas learnt FAA regulations and procedure, weather, aircraft system, and SOLO preparation. On the flying side, he has been introduced to fly to several airports such as Santa Paula (KSZP), Chino (KCNO), and Camarillo (KCMA). Most of the training was a pattern work in Van Nuys (KVNY) and did touch and go as many as he need.

He started in the morning around 8-9 am and had a ground instruction then go flying for 3-4 hours every day with nice lunch break in the middle. Summer training, the weather was lovely with the blue sky all the day, hence his instructor has a plan to SOLO him at the 6th day.


First solo is the biggest day for a new pilot and Dimas did more than 50 pattern works (touch and go) to make him confident on the landing phase. He also trained the basic fundamental maneuver in Simi Valley training area. After series of a challenging training, finally he had his SOLO on the 6th day at Van Nuys airport.


FAA requires the private pilot applicant to do one long cross country about 150nm total distance and this time Dimas chooses nice route of Van Nuys – Chino – Camarillo – Van Nuys. He really enjoyed his flying with Cessna 172. His first route was left crosswind departure and got clearance to enter Burbank class C airspace then went to DARTS, El-Monte, Chino Hills and landed at Chino. Dimas was arrived in Van Nuys after 3.5 hours flight.


Dimas really happy for the first night flying. It was so beautiful to fly above Los Angles Sky at night. The route was from Van Nuys, Camarillo, Santa Barbara, and back to Van Nuys. It was a relax night cruise and followed by 10 night touch and go.


His check ride was one day after his 17th birthday just exactly 2 weeks since he was in the airplane for the first time. He was so nervous and he thought about re-check. Check ride in Oxnard, California, Capt. Dennis Gregory Magdaleno was the FAA designated pilot examiner. As a standard procedure, the examiner verified his logbook and did the IACRA registration.

Shortly, Dimas smoothly passed the oral exam in 2.5 hours and went flying for the final check ride. The flight check ride begun from Oxnard and all the maneuvers were performed around Ventura harbor and Santa Paula has been chosen for takeoff and landing performance.

Finally, after 1.6 hours, he came back to Oxnard and he Passed! Dimas is now the newest Private Pilot in United States, and the youngest Indonesian who nicely got a private pilot license in just 14 Days.

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All photos are taken by E&M | Eienni Minni Photography –


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