What is Accelerated Flight Training?

Published: June 27, 2022


Accelerated Flight Training is an intensive training program focused on getting optimal performance from student pilots and getting their license in a short amount of time. With an accelerated training curriculum, courses that would normally take up to 4-7 months can be completed in 14 days.

Unlike formal studies that require the student to finish in a certain month or year, to obtain a pilot certificate, FAA requires applicants to go through a minimum amount of hour of flight training or flight experience (ex. 40 hours for Private Pilot requirements). The flight training environment is also different that a lesson is done in a one-on-one setting, giving students and instructors more flexibility to schedule their lessons.

While students doing regular-paced training usually do 1-2 lessons per week, students in accelerated flight training do 2-3 lessons per day. Such rigorous routine in fact promotes information retention and helps students to train their muscle memory faster.

Flight training skill relies heavily on motor skills and coordination so it is very easy to forget those skills if student spread out the lessons too far. With possible flight cancellations due to weather, mechanical, or personal issue, students with 2 flights scheduled per week can end up with 1 or no flight, leaving more gap days where students can get “rusty”.


How is Accelerated Flight Training Possible?

For every flight training scheduled, there are at least 4 factors needed to be aligned.
- Student
- Instructor
- Aircraft
- Weather
If any issue was found on any of those factors mentioned, the flight lesson wouldn’t happen. Students in regular flight schools only get 2 hours for each block on the schedule. Most of the time they have no other option than to cancel a flight when something comes up. Accelerated flight training in 14DAYPILOT is designed to prevent that.


14DAYPILOT suggests students spare at least one extra week of their stay outside of the training period to have a safe buffer for any force majeur that causes a training delay. Issues that might cause a full-day lesson cancellation are TSA Clearance (for non-US citizens) and weather.


Scheduling flight training for 1-3 times day is quite time demanding, and often impossible for an instructor to cater to as a CFI usually trains more than 3 students simultaneously. Therefore students need an instructor who can dedicate most of his time to them. 
Instructor quality can also affect students' progress. Some instructors are more focus on gaining hours and leave the school for the airline once they reach 1500 hours. This case might cause a substantial delay for students as abruptly changing CFI on a crucial stage of training is just as detrimental as having a CFI that focuses more on their progress rather than yours.
14DAYPILOT has enough options of high-hours CFIs who have chosen flight training as a career, some of them have received a CFI Gold Seal from the FAA. They know what is needed to train students with different characters and bring out their maximum performance.


FAA regulates aircraft to be inspected every 100 hours and annually. Each inspection process usually takes 1-2 days for single-engine aircraft and more for twin engines. Aircraft can also be put down for a few hours if a minor issue is found. Imagine if that issue is found right before your flight block? time used to fix it is time taken from your block. It’s not surprising that after the problem is solved, you would need to cancel the flight because you don’t have enough time left to do the lesson material for today.
14DAYPILOT book one dedicated aircraft for each student enrolled. We make sure that the inspection schedule won’t interfere with your lessons. Even if a few hours are needed to fix any issues, you can spend the time to study or rest because once fixed, it’s still your turn to fly.


Although weather issue is inevitable, having aircraft and instructor on standby for you will give students more certainty to try to fly again in a couple of hours. Without it, students will need to cancel and wait for their next schedule, possibly losing a day of progress.
14DAYPILOT base airport in Van Nuys, California offers you sunshine all year long. With April - November as the best time to train for private and commercial pilot course, the instrument rating course can still enjoy sunny days with occasional cloud for the rest of the year.
Why is Accelerated Flight Training More Affordable?

Accelerated Flight Training might seem like a bigger commitment in the beginning but it surely gives you more value for your money. Regular flight training with a pay-as-you-go system with an hourly rate seems to be more friendly to your pocket but not when you have to continue paying for extra flight hours of review. These hours can easily add up to your total flight training expense due to the gap days you went through without flying. Training in an accelerated manner is also highly beneficial for those who are from out of state or out of the country as students won’t spend unnecessary living expenses for days spent on the ground without progressing in the training.

Finishing your training quicker also means that you can get your license sooner and start to enjoy the privileges of being a pilot. If you train until Commercial Pilot Course, you’ll get a head start to join the job market compared to those who started training at the same time through a regular school.


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